Digital Tools: A Quick Start


Quick start in Photoshop


Quick start in Illustrator


Quick start in InDesign

PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR AND INDESIGN are considered by most professionals to be essential software tools for graphic design, illustration and image making. Regarding your approach to this site’s exercises and workshops, it’s important that one either be at least modestly skilled in traditional hand/ art making abilities, image capture, or be skilled at an introductory level regarding these three (or similar) software products.

If you prefer working digitally rather than manually and you are not yet familiar with how these digital products work, a series of three videos have been created for your convenience. These three videos if combined would run three hours in total. As a whole, they represent a good chunk of a normal 16-week course. Not all three are required, nor must they be Adobe products. Photoshop would be the program of choice, but any of the three programs will get you where you need to go for this site.