“I didn’t know what to expect from the six-week course taught by Howard Schneider, founder of Design Principles, but I was hoping for a lot and Howard delivered. The objective of the class is to stimulate creative thinking and to work more efficiently. I wanted everyone in my office to shake out the cobwebs and to break out of the habit of designing on automatic pilot. The classes evolved from design basics to a final session that simulated a real life project and the results were very impressive. The group dynamic and the spirit of co petition played a critical role.”
–Diane Imori, Signage & Graphics Manager, Los Angeles World Airways (LAX)

“What I liked about your workshop:
■ The use of Design Principle building blocks in the development of artwork from week to week.
■ I had forgotten many of the principles that I had learned over the years.
■ This was a very good refresher course to pull together the many design principles into a completed package.
■ It would be good to take a workshop like yours every 3 to 4 years.
■ I liked the way you interacted with each of us in a very kind and gentle way, making the workshops fun and interesting.”
–Zack Thompson, Assistant Signage Manager, Los Angeles World Airways (LAX)

“I’m moving the family North for a new job in Cupertino, and I have your workshop to thank, in part, for it. It was partially some of the tweaks that I made to my design process after attending  your workshop that led to the client work, that went into the portfolio that landed me the job designing for, Apple. So I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to put together this workshop, it was a wonderfully challenging experience, and I’m not kidding when I say, I wish that I could do it again.”

“Since your workshop I find myself asking different questions than I used to when I make my choices. I used to think the objective was to satisfy the desired result of the “client”; sell a ticket, convey a principle, evoke an emotion. And I thought that conscious narrative was the key. I see it much differently now, while the contextual narrative is still important, the abstraction of that narrative, as I decide dominant direction, contrast, shape, color, repetition, order systems, chaos…and so on, seems the core contributor to the deep conveyance of the story I want to tell…I’ve spent my whole career with a fixed compass point and a few private design credos, “Content Matters” “Concept sells” “Design is art with an agenda”, “Reaction is not direction”, and now I find myself being less rigid and stepping back at the start to abstraction, to physical shape, before literal object. I have absolutely no doubt that it was the introduction to concepts and methodologies at your workshop that opened me up this way.”
–Andrew O’Melia, Project Manager, Apple

“I was very impressed with the high quality of Howard’s teaching skills…(he) used a variety of interactive teaching techniques to keep students actively engaged. Howard also prepared an excellent PowerPoint, which dealt with compositional issues in depth, with an interesting overview of historical examples of professional work. Howard is an excellent teacher with a warm and friendly personality that the students who I observed, appreciated.”
–Edie Pistolesi, Professor of Art; Art Education Area, California State University Northridge

“Howard is supportive and nurturing, while at the same time he demands the best from his students. I have heard from so many students – from the ones who received the highest grades down to students who received the lowest grades in his class – commenting to me about his first-rate teaching style, dedication, knowledge, and how much they all learned from him.”
–Dave Moon, Professor of Art; Design Area/Founder VIscom Center, California State University Northridge

“I have taught at the university level for approximately 22 years. Through the contact I have had with Howard, I have seen that rare combination of talent in his field of instruction combined with the joy of showing others how to accomplish their best work.”
–Catherine Clinch, Adjunct and Extension Faculty, Communications Department, California State University Dominguez Hills