Unity & Gestalt

Unity 1 & 2

Unity 1 introduces the reader to the key concepts and terms.
Also referred to through similarity, oneness, togetherness, or cohesion.
Diminishes chaos.
Grouping, overlapping, containment, proximity, alignment, closure, repetition, pattern and grids are the primary ways of creating unity. Proximity (closeness) can create powerful visual tensions. Imagine two magnets at the moment just before they merge. Tensions can work with you. They can also work against you.
 These various types of Unity can create an opportunity where one item seems to exert control over another item.

Unity 2 dives into gestalt. Gestalt is a German word that roughly means: to take shape. It materializes through Unity. Gestalt is all about individual parts forming a relatable whole. When letters form words, we have a gestalt. When symbols combine to create an idea: gestalt. Underneath all the above: Unity.

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