J2 Unity

speckled-ostrich-egg-tighter2Unity can be created any number of ways. In this culminating exercise, experiment with the various means for creating unity in a composition.

Exercise: Create a composition from the following visual items:

a bird | an egg | hurricane fencing or chicken wire | a drawn line | a number or a word | a texture

Your theme is: Good morning! Working either digitally or traditionally (or both), create a composition (any size) in which you repeat any of these objects. However when you repeat an object, vary something about it such as changing its size, its texture, opacity, the amount of it , its location. its integrity, etc.

Color palette is limited to red, orange, yellow, white, and black or any combination. Composition can be representational or highly abstract or somewhere in between. Use any one form of unity or a combination of several modes: proximity; grouping; alignment; repetition; alignment; closure, containment; overlapping and grids.

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