Design Principles coordinate. Unity binds. If you’ve already reviewed the Design Principles Explained page, you’ve then seen that unity is one of the essential 11 Design Principles. Unity, however, plays a slightly different hand than do the Design Principles.

Here’s the bottom line: Design Principles coordinate visual elements in a variety of ways; unity is all about  creating cohesion among those visual elements.

Unity can be achieved by grouping, overlapping, closeness (aka, proximity), containment, closure, pattern, continuity/alignment, or by the use of a grid. Any of the modes of creating unity can be affected by any of the other Design Principles and vise-versa.

The following exercises will serve as an introduction into how both Design Principles and unity happen. Start with Proportion. Each exercise can be fulfilled digitally or traditionally. Select Mark Exercise as Complete when you’ve completed each lesson (including this Introduction), then share your work on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram for feedback, accolades, perhaps even a dose of glory!

These learning modules have been created solely to promote awareness of design principles and elements through commentary and critical analysis. 

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