E1 Repetition, Variation & Rhythm



Repetition is perhaps the most ubiquitous form of unity in the visible world. Repeat something and you’ve created that something’s twin. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Three hundred identical gray dots could become a bit predictable especially if identically spaced. Change just one of those gray dots to red and you’ve created a dynamic event called variety. Change the spacing of, say 10 of these dots and you’ve created a more dynamic form of rhythm than was previously – though perhaps benignly – there.

Repetition is logical. Variety can be chaotic or logical. Tall grasses swaying with the wind can express both qualities at the same time. The same idea of similarities with differences can sometimes be found when comparing a car’s taillight cluster with its dashboard cluster. How about the per-slice repetition and variation involving a pepperoni pizza?










Been Dancing, 2019; Wayne Hunt





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