3.02_ Positive/Negative Space

Positive/Negative space can be an extension of line, shape…and rhythm. A simple composition made out of a series of identical objects like pencils, is arranged on a simple background. These objects are then arranged so that the proportion of spacing between the objects repeats.

Next, a second composition is created from the same objects but the space between the objects get varied. The pencil’s width becomes the model for space making, making the negative space reflective of the positive matter. A positive shape has been repeated and varied as a negative version of the positive object.

Repetition and variation are the underpinnings of rhythm. It’s easy to see how negative space can assume rhythm just like any other tangible pattern of elements. Negative space has all of the qualities that can make its presence an asset. And lastly, negative space isn’t always white.






Ask yourself: In which ways are the following examples affected by negative space?

Positive/Negative Space 2: Awaiting your discovery. 

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