2.09_ Movement by Gesture

Movement can be expressed by the wave of a hand, the bounce of a ball, or even suggested as in the sweeping, overlapping lines of a freeway interchange. Motion tends to produce a trail whether actual or imaginary. Point A to point B has an “in between” stage. Motion has a path, whether it’s straight and simple or convoluted and complex; continuous or interrupted.

On the left,  Westbound abstraction suggests a shifting cluster of cumulus clouds floating somewhere in or about Los Angeles.

First row down:  Snowbird Marathon logo depicts compressive and expansive gestures occurring at the same time;  Post-Pandemic Ball 2023 leaps and spins in celebration of the post-Covid era while referencing the bubonic plague doctors of 16th century Europe;  DADA suggests the tumbling chaos that was emblematic of this game-changing early 20th century art movement;  5 Reasons to Drink suggests the haphazard, stumbling and tumbling effects of over-indulging.

Bottom row:  Arrived Australia features a cresting combination of active forces;  U-turn on Sunset, #2, features a rotational movement that serves to enhance its searing gaze;  Branching Ballet is a mimic of natural, branching forces and a dancer’s response.




Direction & Movement 5: Movement & Gesture

Test yourself:
Direction & Movement 6: Direction or movement. Test yourself.

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