B7 Movement by Fracturing

Fractured space can express Movement or even shape a story. Anytime you watch a movie, a TV show or most any video, something about what you’re watching has likely been edited, spliced, trimmed or reconfigured. This is fracturing at its core and at its most everyday. It’s alternately a product of natural forces or a human contrivance. In terms of the latter, think of fast forwarding with a remote control or the precise instance when a media selection is suddenly changed.

Examples shown below, top row:  President’s Message suggests a chaotic process of self-examination in which even the most sacred of all symbols would not be exempt; 42nd Dakar Rally suggests the circuitous, rugged nature of an off-road rally; Wayne, Off-the-Grid juxtaposes the artist with his work; They Were Heroes, represents the narrow window of strongest opportunity in the planning of D-Day, WWII. Bottom row:  Consulting Fees, Nationwide Aggregate, 1st Q, 2022 suggests the enormity of the hourly fees charged by a fictitious business consultant; 2003 Paula Annual Report suggests the various farming interests whose insurance needs are represented and the communities thus supported – and metaphorically, what could be chaotic encounters control.












Direction & Movement 4: Fracturing & fragmentation

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