2.06_ Direction by Alignment & Orientation

It’s your turn! Create your own composition that expresses alignment and orientation through the medium of your choosing: photography, painting, drawing, digital tools, mixed media, etc. Details: Create one piece of art with your eyes closed.  Next, create another piece of artwork with eyes open but in 3 seconds or less.  Next, split one or both of your art pieces in half.  Next, recombine all pieces to create a composition that displays only one dominant direction and at least one subordinate direction.  Lastly, create a frame that’s too small for your combined art. Place the frame on top of your art and see how many different orientations you can create before trimming the excesses at the frame’s edge.

Top row:  Rolling Hills (triangular movement with diagonal and horizontal direction; dominantly diagonal orientation);  National Watercolor Society poster (dominantly horizontal orientation with typographic reinforcement; subordinately vertical direction reinforced by the address line at bottom),  Magritte’s Grotto (dominantly horizontal direction established by horizon, subordinately vertical direction due to implied center axis of yolk to red shape).

Bottom row:  Do the Math (triangular cluster of symbols, counterposed by a horizontal line suggestive of either a horizon or a rotisserie;  For Love (dominantly horizontal direction and orientation, subordinately vertical direction in heart/for love relationship, subordinately diagonal direction middle/left);  Douglas C-47 (dominantly horizontal direction and subordinately vertical orientation);  Queens of Hearts (dominantly horizontal orientation, subordinately diagonal movement, subordinately vertical movement).


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