B1 Direction & Movement


miroDirection & Movement: There’s a difference. In the Pinterest-based example on the left, Spanish painter Joan Miro shaped a pattern of black dots into a line with a decidedly horizontal direction. This line also has a sense of movement. It is a bit bumpy and fairly active in addition to flowing horizontally.

The horizontal direction being expressed by the dots is entirely the result of alignment and of the dots being close enough (tension) for a sense of unity to take place. This same line of dots reinforces the overall direction (or orientation) of the canvas which is horizontal.

Movement is reflected by internal forces within the line contributing to a felt sense of advancement or progression. There is also a counterpoint or balance: a red line which acts as a diagonal yet subordinate source of direction.

Below are some examples of direction and movement found on Pinterest. Click through each image to read the Pinterest commentary. Check the Pinterest board on Direction and Movement and find even more examples. Continue on to the next module and dive into the exercise.

hismastersvoiceBressonandrew-hill1The typographic arrangements mimic the arrangement of other torn shapes.


Think Bigprouveexpermntl-jetsetAn example of notan, movement and direction by Katsushika Hokusai.





Click here to again view the definitions for Direction & Movement. Click on the images to view specific examples on Pinterest and on the link at the bottom for YouTube:

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