A4 Proportion: Contrast & Scale

Contrast of Scale – another form of Proportion – is all about comparing varied size relationships. It could be a simple, everyday contrast of scale such as toy car placed upon the hood of a real one, or perhaps a reversal of expectation such as in a surreal environment.

Contrast of Scale plays its strongest role when an artist or designer wishes to heighten tension or extend a sense of depth…or even reverse one.

It’s your turn! Exercise in Scale: Find an image of something normally small, like a bee, and enlarge it dramatically to present a very bold perspective. Make the size 5″x8″. Now find something normally large and related to your first image. Reduce its size dramatically and cut it out. On a white 8½”x11″ format, integrate one image with the other by trying to express an ironic pairing. Change the opacity of the enlarged image if desired to achieve balance.














Proportion 3: Contrast of Scale

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