8.0 Symmetrical Altered Sequence of 2 Elements (advanced)


rhythm-of-two-systems7altSymmetrical sequences can act as a dominant sequence in a composition or it can act as a reclusive counterpoint and something to play off of. Opposing rhythms working in harmony, part 2. This type of engagement brings along its own kind of contrasting elements: an agitated orderliness vs. a whisper-quiet orderliness; excitedly precise vs. quietly daring; light-hearted chaos vs. bloated stability. 

It’s your turn! Create your own version of a symmetrical altered sequence of 2 elements through the media of your choosing. Details: create a symmetrical mask from (1) images of auto parts arranged symmetrically, and (2) a symmetrical arrangement lines either created by you or ones that you’ve found.

Does it have a personality? Is the mask an extension of you, your alter-ego, or does it represent someone you know? Or is it the face of an animal? Take pix.




Dorothea Lange, Untitled. (Workers West Carlton Yamhill County Oregon); 1939, Library of Congress















Rhythm 8.0-Symmetrical Sequences of 2 Altered Elements

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