14.0 Final Exercises in Rhythm

CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve read, you’ve viewed, and created quite a bit, but now it’s time to apply the results of what you’ve experienced to everyday living. View this video and do the exercises. Each exercise is designed to be created without elaborate set ups, etc. Easy does it. The video’s final exercise involves a pizza shell so buon appetito in advance!

Rhythm is all around you. Every time you choose the day’s clothing or arrange what’s on your dinner plate, you have a chance to create a rhythm. So why not take full advantage of what you’ve just experienced?

CULMINATING EXERCISE. After you’ve completed the exercises on the video, it’s time to bring all your experience together into one product. It’s your turn! Create a poster for a bicycle race. Repetition and Variation will be on full display in this culminating exercise. Using wheels, arcs, lines, bicycles and the placement of at least one person (or more), create a poster for the Tour de France. Media can be digital, traditional (photocopies; scissors; glue; pencil; paper; etc) or mixed. Text is optional. Any size format. Images can be a photo or an illustration. Optional text: Tour de France and the year. Additional text is up to you.

Your composition must express unity and rhythm through any of the types of rhythm and unity discussed and presented. Repetition and variation should be utilized. A line, a shape and/or a color must repeat at least once. Include a focal point (if need be, refer back to the sections on Proportion).

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