How It Works

DESIGNPRINCIPLES101.COM offers a wide range of learning tools and services for students in traditional onsite learning institutions and also for creative individuals in hard-to-reach areas or whose interests lie outside of what most traditional institutions can offer.

(1) Register or Log in.
(2) Unless you’re needing to specifically go to some other area in the site, begin by visiting the Exercises in Rhythm page and watch the video, On Rhythm.
(3) Choose your medium whether it’s Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign or traditional media.
(4) Complete exercises 1.0 through 3.1.
(5) Post your exercise results for 1.1, 2.1 and 3.1 to the appropriate Exercises in Rhythm Posting Forum, the purpose being to give and receive feedback. Remember to always give first. Premium subscribers will receive video feedback from faculty as well as full Forum access. 
(6) Do the same with the rest of the Exercises in Rhythm and proceed in numerical sequence.

After finishing 10.1, you’re just about ready to begin exploring Exercises in Unity & Composition. First, read Design Principles Explained and the definitions. Visit each definition’s Pinterest board or watch the related YouTube video for a rounder understanding of each principle.

Next, begin Exercises in Unity & Composition.
(1) Start with exercises A1 through A5.
(2) Post your exercise results to the appropriate Exercises in Unity & Composition Posting Forum. Premium subscribers will receive video feedback from faculty as well as full Forum access. 
(3) Do the same with the rest of the Exercises in Unity & Composition. Completing these exercises in sectional sequence is not required.
(4) Move on to the rest of the creative interests in your life with renewed vision and purpose.

ABOVE AND BEYOND: If further help is needed, dedicated tutoring through products such as MyLessonPlan© allows you to build a customized learning program, one lesson at a time. Need feedback on a project,

assignment or exercise? MiniCrit© is a great way to review any single project and receive a customized video response. Maybe you’re at a turning point in your career or you’re just starting to put your best work together? Sign up for a PortfolioCheck© review.

Workshops are the most dynamic method of reinforcing and expanding your design principles experience. Each workshop is comprised of a series of progressive exercises or modules. Video feedback from your instructor helps to reinforce each exercise’s learning outcome. Post your exercises on our Workshop Blog to receive peer as well as group/instructor-based feedback. Six-, nine-and three-module workshops are available serving beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. Start and completion times are up to you.

Lastly, our Main Blog keeps you current on where and how Design Principles are alive and well. has just the tools and resources you need to take your talents to the next level.