Not all foundational, 2D Design classes are the same. They vary as per the instructor or the department’s priorities and specific goals. By themselves, Design Principles could seem confusing or abstract to many a beginning art or design students. After a few semesters, I began to wonder if there was a way to make the traditional 2D Design class far less intimidating or at least seem more accessible.  Research conducted by this author over a series of twelve design workshops, conducted at a variety of colleges and universities, revealed that a second dose of 2D Design administered a bit down the line (at least two terms out) revealed an improved degree of absorption not apparent within the earlier timeframe.  Some first year students in 2D Foundation design are dealing with new ideas involving abstract concepts. A comb is a comb. A passive area is a what? It’s one thing to acknowledge negative space, but it may be another to get engaged with it.  A second exposure or a reintroduction to Design Principles at a time of when a student’s had a bit more life experience/creative experience, frequently produces engaging results.

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