Design Principles always seemed so abstract to this author and former design student. After 19 years of instruction, I wondered if there was a way to make the traditional 2D Design class far less intimidating or at least seem more accessible. I mean think about it folks…does 2D Design really have to be complicated and entangled?  Research conducted by this author over a series of twelve design workshops, conducted at a variety of colleges and universities, revealed that a second dose of 2D Design administered a bit down the line (at least two terms out) revealed an improved degree of absorption not apparent within the earlier timeframe.  Some first year/freshman in 2D Foundation design are dealing with design principles as abstractions. Yes while they’re swimming in it, they’re getting more familiar with the terrain, but there’s still a lot of fiber to digest.  A second exposure or a reintroduction at a time of design principles when they’ve had a bit more life experience/creative experience typically produces remarkable, tangible results.  This second immersion – either led through an educator’s request or degree self-taught, can provide a reinforcement that downstream coursework may or may not necessarily guarantee.

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