Depends on how thorough you wish to get and how low key or feverish you wish to become. There’s over 50 short videos and nearly 3 hours worth of it to enjoy. The videos can be consumed all at once but viewers are strongly encouraged to watch a couple and then disengage to kind of let your thoughts get ahold of what you just experienced. Doing the accompanying exercises (29 in total) is an important reinforcement tool, as are the five self-administered fun, yet challenging quizzes. Reading will roughly add 30 minutes to 1 hour in totality, but again it depends on how long you wish to consume in order to let what you’ve just experienced occupy your thoughts. Bottom-line, it all depends on how best you wish to experience the course. Maybe consider an hour’s worth of an initial scan of the reading and a few selected videos as comprising a worthwhile introduction. Afterwards, a more thorough, dedicated immersion into the course would be warranted. One might set a week as an achievable time frame but remain flexible. Remember, you are in control. You can always ramp up the playback speed or hit pause on any video. 

Quick reference – The following lessons contain exercises: 1.02|1.03|1.04|1.06|1.07|1.08|2.03|2.05|2.06|2.08|3.03|4.02|5.02|5.03|6.02|6.04|6.05 through 6.10|6.14 (with video containing 10 exercises)|7.01|8.02|9.01|10.01|11.02.
The following lessons contain quizzes: 1.09|2.09|3.05|6.15|11.01

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