Educators & Institutions

DESIGNPRINCIPLES101.COM ENABLES STUDENTS to experience crucial design principles in action across a broad spectrum of visual media and is the creation of California State University Northridge art and design instructor Howard Schneider. Five years of research and development has gone into the site’s development. At its core is the observation that visual arts students appear to benefit greatly from a short-term, focused introduction (or reintroduction) into how design principles can work for them.

This site serves both the digitally-oriented as well as traditional media-oriented though software-orientation videos are also part of the program. Our approach is more about design thinking enabled by relationship tools, aka, Design Principles. Educators will find a variety of learning tools including exercises and support materials at familiar sources: Pinterest and YouTube. Any exercise can be modified by an instructor to fit the given need.

WE’RE ALSO LOOKING TO CONNECT with our teaching colleagues at various institutions of learning worldwide in order to develop the next generation foundational learning tools for art and design. We’ll also be testing new learning products along the way requiring research volunteers from time to time.

We’d like to hear back as to what educators would enjoy seeing in a robust, institutionally-focused version of the Designprinciples101 model. The net goal for instructors is to more effectively draw their students closer to learning outcome goals while increasing confidence levels. Please feel free to contact us to share, to ask, or simply to find out how you could become more directly involved.